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Below FAQ are some common concerns of our clients before purchasing the theme, if you have other questions,
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We take all possible measures to quality, but if there is damage or defect in the product, we will accept returns and exchanges. In that case, the customer will bear the return postage.

Please be sure to contact us by e-mail or phone within 7 days from the delivery date (delivery completion date). In addition, please attach a photograph of the damaged or defective part, and specify the situation in detail as much as possible. Please do not dispose of the cardboard, bundled items, etc. used for packing until you confirm that there are no defects in the product.

We will respond as soon as possible, but please note that we may not be able to exchange it immediately depending on the situation of inventory. Refunds for returns due to defective products will be refunded promptly to the designated account.

Please note that returns and exchanges exceeding 8 days from the product receipt date (delivery completion date) cannot be accepted under any circumstances.

Please note that due to the characteristics of the service, we cannot accept returns or exchanges after shipment of products (other than initial defects and accidental delivery) due to customer's convenience. This internet mail order does not apply to the cooling-off system because it is mail order that customers access. Please understand it beforehand.

* The following case is an example of "return due to customer's convenience".

Return of products that you have used at all times
Return of products that have been defaced or damaged by customers
Shipping costs at the time of return Please pay the shipping cost at your expense at the time of return.

Return of goods that have been in return for more than 8 days from the date of receipt of the product (delivery completion date) Returns when you do not like the product, such as "the texture and color of the product are slightly different", "it is bigger than I thought", "heavy / light", etc.

In order to make your purchased product and the product you are considering used habitually for a long time, our staff and craftsmen will inspect it and propose the optimal repair method.

All repaired items will be checked in the atelier and the estimated amount will be provided. Please note that the following amount is only a guide (minimum amount). There is a product which cannot be repaired by the design, material, and the condition. If you are unsure, please contact us in advance. If you would like to repair it by mail, please contact us in advance. In addition, the visitor will bear the round trip postage. Please refrain from canceling after repair.

Pearls and bullion have high affinity, and dirt such as sebum may dull discoloration and shine. After use, wipe cleanly with a soft cloth that does not contain abrasives.

Please pay special attention in the following cases. Please avoid using it at bedtime or exercise because there is a risk of unexpected accidents and product damage.
Please note that lotions, perfumes, seawater, detergents, etc. may damage jewelry. Be careful not to bump or drop pearls because they are vulnerable to impact.
When entering hot springs, please avoid using it. Depending on the ingredients, pearls may discolor.

Please note that we do not have a catalog.

It may take some time to respond, such as when it is on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. Please understand it beforehand.

If you can order, we will accept orders. Please contact us by phone or email.

Credit cards, cash on delivery, convenience store transfers, and bank transfers are accepted.

※ C.O.D. can be selected when the delivery destination of the product is only at home. Please note that you cannot choose C.O.D. if the delivery destination is not your home or if there are multiple delivery destinations.
※ Convenience store transfer, bank transfer will be product shipment after payment confirmation. Please note that we cannot accept the designation of the delivery date. We accept the designation of the delivery time zone.

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