45 years of love and touch of pearls as a pioneer of South Sea pearls I want you to make use of that experience and feel the beauty of pearls. Andy MÜLLER PEARL's thoughts.
Born in Switzerland in 1947. Since arriving in Japan in 1968, he has been based in Kobe, a global distribution city for pearls, and has contributed greatly to the development of South Sea pearls from aquaculture to distribution.

In addition to his more than 45 years of pioneering career, he has received international recognition as an expert in the South Sea pearl industry for his depth of expertise in pearls and his outstanding observational eye.

In addition, his innovative ideas and innovative style of pearls are highly valued from all over the world, including Europe and North America.

1991: Received a medal from the Burmese government

1997: Received the title of Chevalier dans L'ordre de Tahiti Nui (Knight) from the President of French Polynesia

2009: Gemological Excellence Award from the Swiss Gemological Society

200,000 +

Purchases from farms around the world


Contributing greatly to the development of South Sea pearls from aquaculture to distribution

500 K +

Customers Served Around The World



In a career of more than 45 years, sometimes handling more than 200,000 pieces a year, I had the opportunity to touch so many pearls. I also believe that meeting each of these pieces has given me valuable experience and learning, and has given me my long-standing dream of wanting the world to feel the true beauty of pearls, the starting point of ANDY MULLER.

A wonderful pearl is a work of art whose work is completed. Graceful drops, charming buttons, artistic baroque, sophisticated rounds – some are ingenious shapes that are sculpted by artists, and may be rarer than pearls in the world in the sense of the uniqueest beauty in the world.

From his 40 years of experience in contact with pearls, he utilizes the beauty of pearls and creates unique jewelry. At ANDY MULLER, we only carefully select charming, high-quality pearls and want to provide you with jewelry that maximizes the appeal of your pearls.
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